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Standard vs Pro

Hello, I’m new at this so bare with me please. My Question to start with is, Can someone tell me if its worth the 50 bucks a year to upgrade to the Facer Creator Pro ? Also what is the main diffrence between the Free and the Pro , do i get more templates and stuff to work with? I forgot i am making watch faces for my Samsung Galaxy 46mm watch. I’m sure i will have more questions in the future. Thank you all so very much.


Welcome @hummbird151 You get loads of stuff on the Making side. Notably Variables and Touch intrraction with the screen. I am not sure when free Prmium Faces come in if Premium is another Subcsription. I am a Face Free user for one reason only.
If I had the spare cash I would subscribe.

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Even though I haven’t published any of my faces (yet), for me it was well worth it to upgrade to Creator Pro so I could have the additional functionalities of the chronograph, color themes, interactive variables, etc.

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Yeah I forgot about Chronograph.

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Liker i said im new at this, i dont even know what Chronograph is.But im learning lol


It’s essentially another word for stopwatch. In this regard, a Pro account lets you add an interactive button on the face to start/stop the chrono, and another one to reset it.

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