Star? Beside Title of Watch

Hey Facers! So… I’ve been designing a lot… Like a WHOLE LOTE. I enjoy every second of it as a seasoned graphic designer. I’m getting syncs left and right! And it’s super awesome!!! Thanks to the Facer team for featuring my work! Thanks Facer Team!!! You guys rock!

I want to become a partner and make actual $$ for my time… like anyone does… And in time and hard work I hope that I get that Holy Email of the invite.

I do have a question. I just recently designed the start of the 2nd series of watchfaces called Orange Rush Tactical. Specifically Orange Rush Tactical - One ©. It has a YELLOW STAR beside the name of the watch face. And it is in the Premium category… I assume that’s what the yellow star is.

My question(s) is/are this… Is Premium paid? Or is Premium still Free? Or is Facer receiving payment for my designs under the Premium category?

I’m not upset by any means and I’m fortunate to even be in the Premium category. It’s pretty cool. :slight_smile: I feel that my hardwork should be rewarded not JUST Facer if this is the case… I don’t even know if thats the case… Because I’m still very new to all of this.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi and welcome,
Does this help?

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Thanks for the information Linlay!
However, I don’t think that answers my question.
My question is; Why is there a star beside the title of my watch face I created (I assume that its because it’s in the Premium Category)? Is Facer monetizing off of my free watch face that I created (as it is in the Premium Category).

I am a Facer Creator Pro Subscriber btw.

I’m honestly not sure, but there are some checkboxes on the bottom when you publish and one of them asks if you want to “sell this face”. I think if you click that, it gets the star and becomes paid. Hope that helps, and nice face BTW!


Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

Ok so I went back to figure this out from your suggestion…

EEURKA!!! I figured it out… My watch face includes “App Launcher” which is for Premium users only… which will def affect my syncs as I am trying to become a partner. But maybe not. Lol.

I attached a photo of what it looks like if you include a premium ONLY feature when you go to publish. io

So that’s the answer. If you include Premium ONLY features, you get put into the Premium Category if you use “Complications, Interactions, or Programmables”.

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THANKS SO MUCH YOU GUYS! I was dddddyyyying to know the answer to this. Awesome community!

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Glad you figured it out. Sorry my link did not go to the information that I intended. When you are logged in with a Pro account, in Creator, click on the Facer icon on the top left. You should see a chart comparing features of the various types of accounts.

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No problem! Good luck!