Premium and Pro Differences

Hi everybody,
I’ve seen questions regarding this from several members in the past few weeks, so I decided to write a mini article.

First of all, Facer members whether they subscribe to one of the following or not, can create free watch faces by using Creator for free. Depending on your preferences you have the option to purchase either or both of these to enrich your Facer experience.

  1. A Premium Membership permits its members to wear all faces free as well as paid. It also removes ads from the phone app and increases the Watchbox capacity on your watch.
    Additional details and discussion:
    Introducing Facer 5.0 and Facer Premium

  2. A Facer Creator Pro Subscription is a tier of Creator. It gives you access to the Pro Tools for creating Free and Paid watch faces.
    See: Introducing Facer Creator Pro

To simplify the above in one sentence, Premium is about wearing and Pro is about creating.

I hope this will help to clear up the confusion. If not, let me know.