Star Wars Time - Animated and with quotes from the movie

Animated face for Star Wars Fans with some of the best movie quotes on screen :wink:
May the Time be with you
Comments/suggestions are welcome

Easy reading,Big numbers, Star Wars, Quotes, Animation

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@313 Paulo Almeida, cool face. Does the scroll on the quotes need to be slower? It’s moving so fast that I cannot read them - or is it because I’m on a computer now rather than viewing on my watch?


Thank you for your comment.
The place where I’m working at the momment I don’t have a way how to send the watchface to my watch in order to try it before post it.
I do believe (hope) that on the watch will scroll at a acceptable speed.
If you have the chance to test it please let me know if the scroll speed is acceptable.


I have synched it to my Women’s Moto 360 Gen 2. Now the scrolling is much slower. It depends on the effect that you are trying to get, but I think it could be a bit faster than it is right now – something between flying fast yesterday and extremely slow today. That’s just my opinion. You are the creator, so do what YOU like. :slight_smile: