Starburst Contemporain Open Worked

this is a promo mock-up, but technically still a wristie :slight_smile: 100th Facer Face!




Looks great! Happy century.

Thanks Rich! I think you’ve passed that mark too no?

Wasn’t sure when you asked. Yes, in terms of published faces (118), but many of these are variations on a specific design theme / layout, offering different options for colourways or complication functions (for me to explore / learn what the market is after…, the results of which never fail to surprise me).

I’d say about 40 designs out there - x2’ish’ in one form or another, a little more if I include stuff for ‘friday fun’, like 8-ball - with answer generator, or Ballon. Side note being PM’ed to you.

That’s the case with mine too, not 100 distinct designs, but 100 published faces. If I get the chance to sell faces, then conceivably say the 4 faces of Skylark (Moonphase or tourbillon, each in Rose gold or platinum) would be merged into one face with those options being user selectable. I actually already made it that way for myself (unpublished) using a different platform since I can’t do it here.