Starting A New Sports Related Collection

Let me state this fact first, I personally am not a “sports fan” by any means. BUT I know lots of people are. I am not going to make any team logo style faces mostly due to copyright, but also the list would be endless and someone would always be upset because team x came before team y. That being said here are the first 5 “generic” sports watches.

Sports Collection

MAG 1438

MAG 1439

MAG 1440

MAG 1441

MAG 1442

More will come in the future. If you have any suggestions for a sport that needs to be included, let me know.


Very cool the idea of representing sport … mrantisocialguy :wink: :soccer: :football: :basketball: :golf:

Because you represent them with the different styles of sports, and not the different paintings that there are, for example: Boca juniors, River plate … or Spain, Brazil, Russia.

And in this way I believe … this is a healthy way to publish watch designs … Without sports commands …

Again very good theme idea to continue designing many different sports!
For example, I like soccer… :soccer: :wink:
The photos are very good and interesting and with good quality!

What I would like to the designs …, the change of screen, AOD, to the main screen … It would be that, the main photo appears slow.
That the photo from black and white would slowly change to color …

In general, very, very good idea !!!
I hope the translation is good
Cordially …

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Very interesting idea! I will look into that.

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I’m very upset that you did not include curling in your sports collection!!!


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I didn’t realize it was a sport!?!? :laughing:


If to be three continuous hours …
So it’s a sport


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This is my personal favorite just because “I are a Redneck”, but I don’t know if I should include it for a world wide watch face market. I’m not too sure how it will play outside of the Southern United States and especially Appalachia. :laughing:

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Yes … it will be very interesting !!! :nerd_face:

Horse Racing is popular over here in the UK, but I like Boxing and Snooker


I have plans for both horse racing and polo, but I hadn’t considered pool, billiards, snooker etc. Thanks for the idea.