Starting a progress step bar at xxxx steps

Hi guys, I am having a little trouble

I have some step bars 5K and 10K on top of each other
When the 5K reaches 5000 steps it disappears revealing the 10K one, however I would like the 10K one to be empty, and at the moment when the 5K disappears the 10K is at 50% (Logical) I tried subtracting 5K in the formula, but then the progress bar just went in to negative.

Any ideas ?

Just to be clear, do you want:

0…5k steps -> 0…1 in progress bar 1
5k…10k steps -> 0…1 in progress bar 2

If so,

1st bar fill: (#ZSC#/5000)

2nd bar fill: (2*(#ZSC#/10000-0.5))

Is that what you were after?

Thanks again Mike for trying to help me.

I tried that and it didn´t work, it kind of shifts the bar too far left.

At the moment I have 4 bars that disappear as you reach the target.
But as for example the 5K bar disappears, the 10K bar behind it has already 50% full, and I would like it to be empty
I basically want a 5K bar starting at 5K

Mmm, not sure why that is not working …

Steps = 5000 -> (2*(#ZSC#/10000-0.5)) = 0
Steps = 10000 -> (2*(#ZSC#/10000-0.5)) = 1

So this should give you a bar 5000 steps long starting at 5000; assuming of course that you have hidden it when #ZSC# < 5000 or > 10000

Just in case, opacity for that bar should be $#ZHC#>5000&&#ZHC#<=10000?100:0$

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Hi Mike, I didn`t hide it when it was under 5K, only over 5K (Since its behind) but I will try to hide it in both cases and check your code.

Thanks a lot

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Hi Mike.
That formula does work, however I am struggling to understand it, I want to apply it to other values (IE 20-30-40-50K)
I would really like to understand the formula

Im sure i dont understand correctly: actual step count, divided by 10000, minus 0.5, then multiplied by 2
What does the “=1” mean at the end of the operation?

Tks man

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Sorry, that was just a check to make sure it was working.

As in:

If step count equals 5000, what will the expression (2*(#ZSC#/10000-0.5)) equal?
answer: 0

If step count equals 10000, what will the expression (2*(#ZSC#/10000-0.5)) equal?
answer: 1

the others are much simpler:

10 to 20: ((#ZSC#-10000)/10000)
20 to 30: ((#ZSC#-20000)/10000)
30 to 40: ((#ZSC#-30000)/10000)
40 to 50: ((#ZSC#-40000)/10000)

Just remember to hide the layers when the step counts are not in the required range.


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Tks so much mike !!!
Your a hero

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You are most welcome!


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