Stay lit for wear os gone from play store

I was looking up how to make my watch display stay on longer and everyone says download stay lit for west os, when I click the play store link it says can’t be found retry. It literally is either gone or some reason I can’t see it I have the OnePlus 8 5G by the way and the fossil sport watch

Doing a quick search of Google Play I found this Stay Lit:Longer Backlight for Android Wear

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I’ve noticed as of yesterday, it no longer fully functions on my WearOS watch. defaults back to around 5 seconds, you have to open the app again and it works for a while but then back to 5 seconds.

Poss a WearOS update killed it, the StayLit app updated today also but still doesn’t work (or stay resident as I think it is killed by the battery optimisation settings) but I cant find a way around it.

I have a different one that works well. Did pay a small price for it ,but it works fine.

cool, just keep it yourself tho, yeah :neutral_face:

Hi @johnlaws642
Could you tell me which app are you using? In the store there are a lot of apps similar to Stay lit, but…which of them does work in a good way? I bought and installed Stay light, but the app is a robbery!!
I uninstalled it after a bunch of seconds. Does’nt work at all.
Thanks for a reply

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Emailed them last week because it wasn’t working for me and this is the response I got:

Thank you for contacting me! As has come out today, my latest update to the app has caused this problem, which I am working on fixing. Very sorry about this! For this reason, I have temporarily pulled the app from the Play Store. I can notify you when it is available again (should be a matter of days)…

App updated today and works again for WearOS, I got the response from the app Dev today :slight_smile:

What is the name of the APP you used to keep your watch screen on and not time out?