Step count and Weather Forecast wrong

I am new to facer and have built a couple faces for Tizen, Gear S3 frontier, however, the step count is wrong on all of them and the weather forecast for current conditions and Day 1, 2 and 3 are also incorrect. What is the source of the activity data and weather data so I can compare to my phone and see if I can find the discrepancy?

I am having the same issue on the Gear S3 - steps show 92397 on a facer screen, and 9741 on a Samsung face.
Hopefully its just a bug that will be fixed soon ?

Hi all - we are aware of a bug where the step counter doesn’t reset properly at the end of the day for Facer watch faces. We are working on a fix for it. Thanks for your patience!

Hello Sir. Reporting same issue, tested over many faces (SW The Ephemeris Time with Moon Phase 1.6; Division Simplicity; RICHI DIGI I, etc.).

I’ve settled position to “Rosario, Argentina” or “Rosario, AR”, or “ROS”, even I changed location to “Buenos Aires, Argentina”, neither of those options help facer to get a correct weather, it shows 32º Celsius no matter what, it never gets updated (testing it for almost a week), neither change location from what it was at first (still showing information for Rosario even having settled it to Buenos Aires).

I can’t see where to choose what source (OpenWeather or Yahoo?) do I want for the weather as the guys said over there, may it be that in last version you disabled it?

I’m a new Android Wear user, love the app and I’m willing to buy new faces from time to time, as long as it works correctly. Thank you very much, I’ll be waiting forward for an answer.

Same issue with 1-3 day weather forecast on Gear S3

Plus one on this topic. I created my first design with today’s high and low which displays on my Samsung phone in Facer fine. On the Gear S3 however the today’s high and low are way off.

Also in my design I’m using the #DISDAYTIME# tag which seems to not be in sync with reality with actual after sunrise and before sunset times.

By the way, I wonder how often the companion app requests updates for the current weather conditions?

Bringing this issue back to the top. Neither my weather not step count are working - Facer watch faces are all showing 19°C when it is -2°C in fact, and steps over 20000 straight after installing this morning before leaving for school!

I have decided to remove the weather from the watchface(s) that I created. I noticed today that the step count on my facer watchfaces is now incorrect, but was fine before today.
Why is this happening only on Facer watchfaces?

Weather issue is still problem. For Istanbul example it is incopmatible with or local official values. İt is an important bug.