Step count & heart rate not correct on Fossil Carlyle - Gen 5

I recently bought a fossil gen 5 and installed facer. For the first few days, the step tracking and heart rate were showing up correctly on all faces, however, after resetting the watch to sort out an issue with google pay, I am unable to get the correct step count or heart rate displayed on any facer watch faces.

My facer app version is: 5.1.20_101361-(101361)
My facer watch companion app version is: 5.1.20_101362

I have disconnected and reset the watch multiple times, cleared cache and data, uninstalled the facer app as well as wear OS from my phone and watch but to no avail. I have gone into permissions in the watch itself and allowed all, including complication and sensors data.

The only facer watch face that I can get to work is the ones from facer studios - I am able to change the display by accessing Fit -> Stats -> Steps - all other faces that use “steps” have the inaccurate information.

My google fit app shows 1919 steps at the moment
The watch face I am using shows 82 steps

I’m not sure where this number is coming from - any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

I can’t be sure, but a lot of times, launching the samsung app on your phone, letting it connect to your watch, then waking your watch back up, fixes things like weather issues at least. Maybe it’ll work for steps too.

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I had the same problem for the last 2 days with my Fossil Venture Gen 4 that is 6 mo. old. Maybe a coincidence? After changing faces, resetting watch, and fiddling with Google Fit, I gave up and left it alone. The watch finally began registering steps and BPM later in the day. I wonder if there was another Google update that messed things up as has happened before.

I’m using the Huawei mate 20 Pro - tried to connect using the wear OS app for a while, but didn’t do anything.

What I’ve noticed is that there seem to be 2 pedometer tracking apps - there’s Google fit, and another built in step tacker? The facer watch faces by default only show the built in one, and I can’t seem to change most of them to the Google fit complication.

The only one that I’ve been able to change is 1 of the 3 basic watch faces that come with the facer app. All the other faces can’t be changed. I’d be fine with that, but there seems to be a gap between the number of steps the built in pedometer tracks, versus the Google fit app. The difference isn’t too significant (around 200 steps or so), but it’s there. Not sure if other people have the same issue (with / without the same watch)?

Same issue here. For hours today my Facer watch face said my heart rate is 40. Cardiogram had it at 92. Steps seem to be updating every time my watch wakes up but the heart rate doesn’t.

Heart beat is updated every 15 minutes. We’re not updating it on every wake because it would have a very negative impact on battery life.

Note that it’s not infrequent that the watch isn’t able to read a heartrate if your watch isn’t tight enough or something like that, so it’s possible that a 15 minute update is skipped because of it.

Overall, I’d recommend updating to Facer 5.1.25 which is releasing today/tomorrow in Google Play - a lot of that data refresh code was rewritten for it and it should be more frequently up-to-date.

Is there any way we could get an option to customize the heart beat refresh time. Could refresh rate not be set at 15 mins by default and at least let users override this setting, to refresh on wake, if they don’t mind supposed impact to battery life?

Currently using the ‘essential digital’ stock watchface on Fossil Gen5 and HR updates on every wake and I have found battery life to be perfectly acceptable. Why have creators making HR complications when the HR data is 15 mins out of date? If heart rate has refreshed and I start a jog, want to check my HR without opening an app, but the complication is showing my resting heart rate from 10 mins ago, not very useful? Please reconsider this. Thank you!