Step count not working for 1 face on Gear S3

Not sure where to ask, so I thought I’d start here.

The Step count never changes for only 1 face when using it. It will update once I change to that face, but it then never changes. I have several other Facer faces (including several Predator watch faces) where the Steps count works perfect. It’s literally ONLY this face that never updates the Step count once selected. Every other Facer face that shows steps works perfect.

I’m running the latest version of both the Facer app and Gear Plugin app as of 3-22-18. I’ve tried deleting/uninstalling the face and re-syncing it but that didn’t work. This problem existed from the Gear plugin 4.2.6 onward up to 4.2.9

Any suggestions are appreciated!

This is the problematic face: