Step count not working

The step count does not seem to be working in many Facer watch faces that I have installed or ones I have created myself. The only ones I’ve been able to get to sync with my steps are from the Ticwatch built in menu. Please advise. Thanks!

Hi @larist!

Sorry about that - are you seeing an inaccurate step count, or no step count at all? Can you also let us know which watch model you use, and share a link to the watch face you are testing?


I have a Ticwatch Pro.
On some watch faces I see an inaccurate step count that never changes, on others I see only a 0 where I should be accumulating steps
I have tried the following watch faces that have not synced with my step count:
Marauder’s Map 2

That’s the most recent one I’ve tried.
Just tried this watch face:

I get a 0 step count

Also - any watch faces I’ve created which incorporate a step count.