Step Pet Watchface

Hey guys! This is a test watch-face i designed as a proof of concept! I always loved Pokemon pikachu and (before was a thing) I designed a pokemon pikachu wacthface that has all of his animations! that said years later I am still in love with the idea of a small pet that you feed steps to, so i made a small step pet with a simple dynamic animation that corresponds to your step count!

Anywayway without further ado:

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions! I want to work on giving it more dynamic animations and responses to certain things- but that will take a while :slight_smile:


Very cute :slight_smile: reminds me of a tamagotchi :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’m trying to figure out if it’s a battery drainer…

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I love the idea and he/she(?) Is super cute. This could get really intricate but I can’t wait to see where you go with it. To bad we don’t have access to the interactive tags because you could really make it into a tamagotchi. It would be super cool to take care of a pet on your wrist although having to feed and play with it all day would certainly drain your battery lol

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Love the idea, and great execution - well done!

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I wish I could use the touch interaction but for now I use custom animations when you hit milestones! Trying to figure out what else to add!

EDIT: also went for gender neutral because i cant decide

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You could make it evolve/grow throughout the week :astonished:

ooooooh i really like this- each day of the week resetting on whatever day your tracker does…

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And … maybe a smaller pet in the background (facing away) that shows that someone else is doing even better.

I think battery life would be entirely ‘brightness’.

Modern smart devices (phone, watch, or tablet) have better, faster, and leaner math capability (by far) than most PCs.

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oh like a better pet to motivate you?

I just added the functionality to grow it throughout the week! later when i finish making the pet i’m designing (this little dude is a stock pet) ill see if i can add evolutions

Congrats on the Top 100 showing!

Great concept, hope to see the interactive tool opened to everyone so we can see more stuff like this fully realized!

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Really like this face and the whole concept. I know I have had people ask for different colors of my watch faces. Was thinking other colors but also maybe other slightly different pets. People love the ability to choose their own from a selection. Just some thoughts. Keep up the good work and look forward to more of your designs.

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I’m actually in the process of designing the full face, this was mostly a proof of concept, but I’m excited to push it forward!


I hadnt even looked at the top 100 list before this


Gratz! I bet the fully developed version will do even better!

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