Steps 0 on Many Facer Faces

I have a Galaxy Watch 6 classic and Samsung ZFold4 phone. On 1/4 of my Facer watch faces the Steps show 0. I have rebooted the watch and phone to no avail.

How can this be fixed?


People mostly suggest to switch to a factory face and back to facer. Also to grant all needed permissions for the Facer app and face on watch and phone.


Switching to a Samsung watch face and then back to the offending Facer face works!

Thank you for your kind reply.


It’s an annoying problem, started to happen few months ago.

It would be nice if Facer can fix it.

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This would be a good Wiki Topic . Although most never do a search despite being prompted :::)))


This is why my faces don’t often include health data… it’s always seems to be broken or you have to open a stock face then switch back. I now just swipe on my watch face to see the Samsung health data and then swipe back. However, the health data is working today on my current watch face without having to do any of this… that’s how it should be.

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Weather data are even worse… lately weather updates maybe 2-3 times per day…
Completely useless.

It’s almost noon at the moment and I have data from 6:30 in the morning.
Says “mist” and we have a nice sunny day.

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switch between the face that came with the watch and then to facer again.

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