Steps and battery levels not working

Ever since the latest update, Facer watchfaces that I’ve created no longer update the steps or battery levels. the only way to get them to update is to re-select the watchface and Facer reloads it. This is happening with other watchfaces downloaded from Facer, not just my own designs.

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I have the same problem as of today, but it seems to be affecting all watch faces. Not just Facer.

I switched to one of the default watchfaces from my Asus Zen2 and it seems ok, but either way, something is going on here. Maybe with Android Wear 2.0?

I’m having the same issue as well on my Ticwatch S. The default faces seem to work fine, but anything from Facer fails to sync the battery level and steps.

Looks like the latest update fixed the battery updating but now the steps are completly broken. They have shown 0 all day.

This has been a long term issue. They finally fixed the battery updating in the latest release, but seemingly have now fully broken the step counter.

Both the issues seem to be connected to whether you have ambient display turned on, as they don’t break when this is enabled (at least on my HW2).

We can just hope the next release fixes these two issues fully.

Ok, well, I never have Ambient mode on as it’s way too big of a battery draw.

I have a Huawei 2, steps are not resetting. What’s the remedy?

Yup, with the update yesterday it looks like they have fixed the battery and weather but somehow broke the steps again on HW2. They only fixed the steps 24 hours before!

They’ll get this right at some point :-/

Latest update has broken the battery level AGAIN.

How do they keep getting this wrong?

…steps have also not been working again too. One step forward…10 back.