Steps count again not working

Like it was earlier this year, updated thereafter, but now again the steps count does not work and shows zero.

Thanks for the report, @arno3005! We are currently investigating this issue with Google. It appears related to a recent update of Google Fit or WearOS. Can you share the following information?:

  • Watch model
  • Version of WearOS
  • Version of Google Fit


Thanks for your prompt reply.

Watch model: TicWatch Pro
Wear OS: (781082086)
Google Fit: 2.09.11-230 (2020911230)
Facer: 5.1.12_101074 (101074)

All versions on Watch.

Perfect - it looks like you may be a few versions behind on WearOS and Google Fit. Can you try updating and see if it fixes the issue by any chance?

Yes, top! Works!
Only, I didn’t get the Fit update automatically, the WearOS was just done today. I had to remove Fit, and install it back and saw it was then much newer than it was before. That’s an Google thing.
Again, thx! Great job!

Great! Glad it’s working, we’ll try and have other users go through the same update path as you to see if it fixes it for them.