Steps counter lagging on Galaxy 4

No matter what face, the counter is lagging, often having to twist my wrist several times to get it to update, very frustrating! I saw this was an issue with galaxy 3 a year ago, now with 4 it still is? Really not worth it paying premium in that case unless there’s a solution. All the Samsung faces count steps as you take them, so it’s the Facer app

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Facer only samples the steps and heart rate at intervals not continuous. I have both the GW4 “Active” and the GW 4 Classic. I don’t notice any problems with the step count. I also have a Galaxy 1 and a Galaxy S3. No issues with them either. The only issue I’ve noticed on all of the Samsung watches is the step widgets on all of them aren’t exactly real time either. Too often I’ve sat down looked at the step count widget, then check after staying seated for 10 minutes or so and my step count has jumped up anywhere between 25 and 75 steps. Can’t fault Facer too much when the host watch doesn’t do it in real time either.


At the end of the day the step count between Huawei GT2 and Samsung Active is about 20% more on the GT2. These measurements are not Scientific. They are for Day to day comparison of your efforts to stay Fit. Like this Calorie Count thing it is a bit of a giggle Really. There is no Watch on the Planet that can Actually Test that.

Have you got a BT connection Indicator running on your Watch Face ?
I have to reconnect now and again.
I would not rely on a WiFi connection to your watch.