Steps not counting on Pixel Two

For a few days all facer faces show no steps (steps 0) on my Google watch2. I have no problems with the native faces. Restarted the watch, reinstalled the facer app - no change. Any suggestions?


There was an update the other day .Hopefully Someone with a Pixel Watch 2 will come along and help you . It has been a problem from the Beginning . Not totally down to Facer .
I know @revmarcia558 has a solution for PW1 but the Face needs to be Interactive / Premium .
I might be that you let Little Labs Know . They don’t really monitor the Forum .


Yes, I did see the latest update - of course, I tried it out (now this is a PW1; it might be worth trying on your PW2) - sorry no success. Little Labs standard answer is “we’re working with Google on that.” Russell is correct - it’s been a problem since Day 1. I rarely publish anything now because, as Russ noted, everything I make that counts steps properly, is Premium/Interactive. If you don’t mind that, take a look at user name, Purrstachio2Cat. For myself, since I’m stuck in an entirely too long Verizon contract, and refuse to pay V all that money for a so-called “free” watch, I’ll just consider my PW1 beaten into submission for now.