Steps Not Counting

I have the latest update on my Galaxy Watch classic and it doesn’t count my steps or my heart rate. It doesnt matter which watchface I select. How long before this is fixed??

It works fine on my Galaxy Watch 4; make sure you have all permissions set and try a reboot of both Watch and Phone.


Steps are working fine, as icrltd4 said: check permissions for Facer on your watch, allow all.

settings - apps - permissions - facer - allow all, one by one

Heartrate doesn’t work, updates every 5-10 minutes.


After you have rebooted and made sure your permissions are granted sync your face. Then go to the heart rate widget and measure your heart rate. Then switch to another Facer watch face then back to the one you want to use. The heart rate will show up then. Also like @masterboyhr said, it will only update every 5 to 10 minutes. I personally don’t use watch faces with heart rate on them because if I want to know what it is, I want to know what it is currently not ten minutes ago. Just my personal preference.


Thanks for the suggestions all. Looks good now!