Steps not matching up

Hey all!

I have a watch face I’m pretty contempt with but the steps aren’t lining up with my watch. For example, I have the #ZSC# tag for the steps (the only one I found) and it’s saying I have 60,000 more steps than I have for the day. Suggestions?

Can you post a link to your design and set it to inspection mode so we can review?

Another thing: are you using gear watch?

Hi there. Mine is suddenly showing only 0 steps on my Gear S2 but it was working some days ago. Here is the link Gregbern - DigiGrey - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Sorry to say it, but I’ve heard people talking that step counter doesn’t work on gear watches.

Yes, I’m using the Gear S3 Frontier.

Same here. Kind of a deal breaker for me. No update?

Hi all, I use a Gear S3 Frontier, steps work for me, agree that I’ve had issues with steps occasionally but 99% of the time steps function correctly. Check you have the latest software on all devices including companion APP

I just got my watch, last week and downloaded facer for the first time today on both phone and watch. Unless I am somehow downloading an old version, I can’t see that this is the problem. My watch shows 56172 steps. Samsung Health shows 3511.

I created a simple face with black dark background, hms hands and a broken step counter and it drained my battery. This app is not viable. Better to build something with Tizen studio.