Steps opacity codes


I wonder if anyone can help me with steps opacity codes. So an example is I have progress bars I want to overlay. So when the 5k one is complete it disappears revealing the 10k one etc.

I expect the difficulty though in my case is I want them to disappear before they reach their end. Ie I need the 13,333 one to disappear at 10k.

Thanks in advance.

So you basically need to set the opacity according to the value of the stepcounter tag


This should work

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Did an example to test just the opacity (didn´t change the point they actually fill on)

Set it to 2K to change opacity, with the code above

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Thank you will try it this evening :thumbsup:

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Did you mean to enable inspection on the above mate so I could take a looksy :wink:

Try now @dave6 , I think before i must have double clicked or something

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Ok bud. Will look again after tea. I think what you said makes sense anyway but may as well check out your example as you went to the effort of making it :wink:

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That worked a treat mate. Thank you :slight_smile:

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