Steps show only 0 or 2594 (?)

Hello there,

today (Feb 15) since app. 3 hours my watch does not show the (correct) steps. I tried to updated (beta as well) and restarted all I could (watch LG Urbane Watch, phone Samsung S8). The only change was, that the watch now display 2594 steps (without) instead of 0 steps before.

This happen at all watch faces I randomly chose.

Phone: samsung SM-G950F
Watch: LG Urbane
App Version: 4.5.5_5750
Android Version: 7.0

Step count is showing 0 for me as well on my P104 - Grinder face.

@Tomas @eradicator09 this is being looking into right now. Hoping for a fix today or tomorrow.

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im having an issue where my steps and battery percentages do no stay updated, i have to change my watchface for them to be updated. i uninstalled facer and even factory reset my watch. didnt fix the issue though

I am having the same issues. My steps are not updating on any of the watch face I choose. I have a fossil q and samsung s8 it was not an issue before just started within the last few days. Battery percentage also not updating.

Hi all - this issue will be fixed in release today. Thanks for your patience!

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