Steps will not sync with Samsung health

Is there a reason why the step counter will not sync with Samsung health?


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I guess all galaxy watches do not share s-health data with third party apps like facer, unless they are s-health partners. So such watch faces have to make health related readings on their own, in times defined in them, which are most likely not in sync with s-health measurement.

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This is a question that has come up quite often after the Galaxy 4 was released, some things not syncing correctly, and most of it is simply because of a different sync time between the two. Sometimes problems can quickly be resolved with a simple restart of the Watch, and sometimes it might just be bugs/glitches, but I’m sure any other knowledgeable members here might soon be able to help or explain.
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hi Andre, it’s an issue with Galaxy 4 watches that Facer says they’re actively working on a fix with Samsung and Google. Hopefully it won’t be a long wait…


I’m having the same problem, and actually posted about it earlier today before I saw your post, but almost 4 months later and it still hasn’t been fixed it seems.

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