Still Can't work at Ticwatch Pro

The new version of Facer is 4.6.3, which still do not work at my Ticwatch Pro.

When I tap four times to generate qr code, it says. Failed to generate qr codes, please check your internet connection.

I am pretty sure I connect to the wifi that can access to

Please fix this issue quickly.

Do you have bluetooth enabled both on the phone and the watch by chance?

I have tried that. Include only turn on the Bluetooth and only turn on the WiFi and turn on both of them.
None of the way can generate the qr codes.
So Strange…

Did you googled if more owners of that watch have the same problem ? If there is a real problem you will find it on the web, if you did mess up something not…

It’s always smart to look if your alone with your problem or not, that helps finding a solution… here are only a few users with a watch like yours on the interweb a few more…

I’ve seen from a search on the forum, he and a few others have had the problem.

The solution posted earlier on the board referenced a gear that they couldn’t see.

But yeah, it’s good advice regardless. I’ve gone through a couple of forums trying to find a solution.

Hopefully Facer support can chime in.

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Here in Holland you don’t see Ticwatch devices, the low end market seems to skip us (happy with that) They are freaking cheap so I might order one from Amazon to fool around with Wear OS… When I googled the problem I found out how cheap they are :slight_smile:

I kinda like Tizen but more for the quility of the Samsung watches, I would never buy a Samsung phone but the S2 and S3 are awsome and till now the Galaxy watch also (but I still think it’s a S3 with a bigger batt)

Of course I Googled the issue, Facer official stuff did not responded many of them.

Just asking, Did Facer mentioned it was compatible with every watch ? Maybe Ticwatch have to fix it, Facer works fine on other brands so it’s not fair to blame them for this (there are soooo many things left you can blame them for :P)

You did not even look the update description then blame me. Is this right? You deserve the blame. Sucks!

If Ticwatch Pro is a low level product in your country, you can use your suck Tizen forever. Do not reply the issue post.Sucks!

Have you seen the latest update description of version 4.6.3 in Play Store?I suggest you take a look. You sucks!

That watch is low level everywhere… the hardware is the same all ov er the world… location is not making a device high or low level…

You seems an very frustrated person and the way your talking you almost sound like Indian…

You buy an watch and kind of demand that people make an app working for it… you have an strange way of thinking… Smart people do research before they buy something…

Ok, I think the conversation has deteriorated to the point of not being helpful anymore.

Wish I knew of a solution. It appears from a Google search that it’s possible something intrinsic with the Ticwatch since others are having the issue with other software as well.

That being said, there’s no excuse being rude. Language barrier or not, imagine how you’d feel if someone said something similar regarding your watch or design, etc.

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You did not even see the update description then come to this post to blame the product. Who is frustrated? Uh?

What’s New

  • Added support for Ticwatch Pro and Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • Misc bug fixes and optimizations


You idiot!

Your better in namecalling then in research…

Smart people know that not everything you read on the net is true… You said yourself many users had the same problem… for me that’s a hint not to buy the device if using Facer is important for you… It seems you have the idea that adding suport for an device is the same as "it will work perfect really "

I end the discussion, as soon people show they have the IQ of an Ant with the syndrome of Down i’m done (name calling like you did is showing that)

Have a great live and remember, 90% of the thing with Pro in the name are hiding how bad they are knowing dumb people fall for the Pro part in an name… (well proven marketing trick)

Poor guy.
You must live a pathetic life.
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