Still having animated watch face preview problems using Sequence Feature in Creator

I am still having difficulty getting my new animated watch face images to show as animated on the watch face preview images using the Sequence Feature in Creator.
It is inconsistent.
I have had great help with adding an additional image from the Sequence and adding this tag:
$#DWE#<0?100:0$ in the opacity field… And changing to “On Wake” in Sequence settings.
Sometimes adding the additional image to the top layer and re submitting the watch face after 24 hours helps.
The animated watch faces do show on my watch and they show as animated after I click on the face and a new page appears but sometimes not on a preview image.

I am really new to all of this and know very little.
Any more help understanding how it all works would be very much appreciated.

Here is my Facer Page:

Note: It seems to be working right now.


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Have you tried $#DWE#>0?0:100$ it is counter intuitive but is what I use . I am not sure that #DWE#<0 can be TRUE as it is not a number atall Before Wake .

I will give that a try. Thank you Russel.
I also had them set to trigger on sync. I fixed that to wake. I will see if this helps.
I appreciate the help.

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Ah Yes . Well Done . I forget to say Trigger on sync is a NOP . There is a Book waiting there of Does and Don’ts . Any way No learning is done by Being told what to do . #DWE# very much belongs to WAKE . One day you win be into (wakeRand(1, 10)) .
Do I remember you saying you Used your own Photographs on your watches and Make your own Picture s or are you using BOT GEN these days . They are all very Nice .

I could sure use that book. Ha
I am a photographer and I started out using my photos on faces. I will still do that, but a lot of my watch face images are licensed. I am leaning towards AI generated images these days.

I think I use a lot of your weather icons that you have shared. Really appreciate that.

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Bless . I was just Beefing about that on another Topic . Two things I found I did not like when I started on Facer .I wanted more than 8 pictorial Moon Phases and the Inadequate Weather Icons . There are a surprising amount of resources on the Community . It is a shame people don’t look here . Having said that it is stunning what can be created with the Sticks and Stones of Facer Basics .

If you are using Sequence Feature/Gifs you cannot see animation in preview mode.

Animations that you do see are not gifs, they are made by math calculations. That kind of animation will be shown in preview.

Example: you’ll see beating heart on this watchface in preview but it’s not a gif, it’s made using the math formula for Opacity: $#BLN#>=0?(100*(sin(((#DWE#/2-(floor(#DWE#/1)))2pi)))):0$


Thanks for this info. Really Well done Watch Face.
The Math Animations look so clean. I really want to learn how to do that.

So Animations on Preview do seem to work for some when you add an additional image from the animation sequence and use this Tag in the Opacity Field of that image:

But for me, it takes 24 hours and then if I place the additional image at the top layer and re upload this watch face, it will then show the animation on preview. That’s seems to be my workaround.
What I see is it is very finicky and it may not always work.

On my page you can see that some of my preview images are showing an animation.
At least for me it shows. If anyone does not see any animated preview watch faces on my page, let me know.

So now I know… it is better to use Math formulas for the preview to work consistently.
Thank you.

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photobeth if you want some real help you have to publish your watchface here AND open it for inspection.

That way we can see your coding and someone will find the answer, for sure.

Don’t worry, nothing will be stolen from your watchface.

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Yes…I think all of my faces are open to inspect. Thank you.

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