Stock weather icon wont change

is there a way to program the icon ?? theres no area to put in the #wcci#

take it theres not a lot of activity here

Hi @daveritchieaz! Only the author of a watch face can change its design. On some watch face, some elements are made to be customizable by any users though like time format, temperature units, and/or main color scheme. If you’d like a deeper change made to a watchface, we recommend getting in touch with its author in the review section of the watch face.


I am using the facer app … the weather icons don’t work properly any help to get them to work ???

i am the author ???

i am the author of the faces with i use the facer app . and they dont update properly so i was asking if there was fix for this ???

Hi @daveritchieaz - can you share the link to your watch face? we’ll look into it asap!

icon dont work on any of them … thank you

Just to clarify, do you mean that icons are not changing to what should be the correct weather, or you cannot change them to custom icons you have made?

the icons do not change to the proper current conditions … like the sun icon stays while its night time , and it didnt change to rain when it rained yesterday … stayed on sunlight

plus … I DID NOT MAKE THESE they are facer stock in your program

also the temp #WCT##WM# doesnt work properly either ??? am i missing something … seems like alot of the stock programs on facer dont work properly

now the temperature text doesn’t update … whats going on nothing is working …

Hey @daveritchieaz,

There is a few things that could prevent the weather system from updating consistently. Here’s a couple things you can try:

  • Double check that Weather Data is enabled. You can find this option in the Settings menu, available from the sidebar in Facer.
  • In Android’s Settings, make sure your Location services are enabled, and that Facer has permission to use them. In Android’s Settings App, the Location settings are under “Privacy and Safety.” Specific app permissions can be checked under “Applications” -> “Application Manager” -> “Facer” -> “Permissions.” All optional permissions should be set to On.

With both of those set, and a good internet connection, you should start seeing updates over the course of the day. Please keep in mind that the Weather system is not updated instantly, and it may take as much as an hour or two before an update occurs. If you are still seeing issues, please let us know. There may be other things we can try.

Thanks for your patience!

yep all of that is properly set … seems like only the facer watch faces have issue updating weather temp and icon … all the other faces work perfectly fine … even uninstalled and reinstalled … very confusing …

Hi Gents,

          Today in NYC it has been snowing since 4am and is not expected to stop till 4pm. Yet all the watch faces that I tried from Facer show weather condition either cloudy or sunny. I'm wondering if this is an issue with the weather source or the icon programmed into the watch face don't match up with the weather conditions outside. I'm currently using the Black Leather watch face and its showing 83% Cloudy while its snowing outside and all the weather sites are reporting snow.

I use the racer programming , the weather icons are hit and miss … i cant do anything diffrent its all in faces … i made all these for my Nixon mission which works properly

Has this issue been resolved? I have just constructed my first face and everything works, including the temperature - but the stock weather icon is stuck at sun+cloud, even tough it is raining and night

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