Stock Weather Icons at Night

In my watchfaces I use the default weather icons that are provided by the Facer Creator, but there’s a huge oddity: When it’s night, my watchfaces show a sun (or a sun behind a cloud, …). Is there any chance that the default weather icon set is changed to the time of day?

It could just show a sun between sunrise and sunset, while a moon is displayed between sunset and sunrise.

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Same problem here

any solution


Welcome @amirderis88 Yes. There is. You need to have 2 sets of Icons. One for day and one for nigh. You show the correct one by bringing them on an off the display on the X position with #DISDAYTIME#.
We can not use opacvity in this case.
If you search the several Topics on the subject here you might even find 2 sets of Icons you like. Having said that if you are dropping them into the Default weather Icon Layer you will have to make sure they are not too large and the same Aspect Ratio.