Stop watch from going to dark phase

Anyone know how to prevent watch face going to dark phase, I would like it af Normal setting at all times.
I mean the downloaded watch face and not the actual watch itself

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Generally, there is no way to alter they way a face behaves as it goes to “dim mode” - it is all determined by the way the designer of the face set it up. I suppose it is theoretically possible for the designer to provide various dim mode options but I don’t know if any one does.

I assume you are not talking about putting your watch into Always On Display mode which should be possible within the settings of the watch itself.

Thanks for the reply, correct not referring to always on mode.
Find it annoying when watch face goes to dim mode

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If you have a WearOS powered watch there is an app called StayLit on Google Play that can change the amount of active time before going dark.

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Additionally, in the Facer settings on your watch (tap 3 times and scroll all the way to the right) you can set the TYPE of dim mode you want to use. You can choose either Classic, which will use the designers DIM mode design, or you can choose DIMMED which is just a dimmed version of the main face.

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Oh? That’s good to know, thanks ! I’ve never seen that referenced before. If that’s in place already it seems like it wouldn’t take much to add a 3rd option like “dim after sundown”

Hmm… I wonder if that’s Tizen only? In Wear OS I scrolled all the way to the right opened settings, but there are no actual settings, just phone/app version info screen.

I did not know that, thanks!

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Yes, Tizen only. Both my Samsung watches has that menu at the far right. My TicWatch only has an “Edit” function for each face, but does not include any options other than 12/24 or Imperial/Metric choice.

Ah, that explains it. Oh well, easy come easy go :slight_smile:

Oops sorry I didn’t know THAT lol.

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Thanks, that was very helpful

If you don’t want to use the watch always on mode, then can’t you just set the dim mode of your Facer face to the same as the on mode? Just have all layers the same.

I’m not sure that his would work in all cases. I understand different brands approach the problem of battery drain from the display in different ways but all of them try to reduce the energy use by entering “dim mode”; that is the watch forces the average pixel brightness to be greatly reduced ( on my watch I think that this is 15% ). If your “dim” face is exactly the same as your “bright face” then it may become very hard to see when the watch reduces the average pixel brightness.

Having said that, if one designs the bright face so that only key elements are bright and the rest of the face is dark ( so that the average pixel value is say 15% or less ) then yes, it can be possible to have the exact same face or very nearly. The other approach is to create the dim elements by duplicating the elements from the bright face but significantly increasing their contrast. This will mean that when the watch reduces the average brightness, the darker areas will go black by the brighter areas will still be visible.

Of course, all of that only applies to AOD mode. If AOD mode is off then ( at least on my watch ) the screen will go fully dark after the on-time is exceeded.

For what it is worth, on my Samsung, I have AOD mode selected all the time, bluetooth on and screen brightness at around 50%. The faces I use all have higher contrast Dim mode dials and are very visible at all times. I have to charge my watch every second night.

As I have a TicWatch Pro my experiences are limited as to affects on different watches, so was speculation on my part. I need to set AOD mode on to get the active and dim modes from Facer, if I turn it off I only get active mode from Facer and the TicWatch ambient mode.
I thought most smart watches required charging daily, so interesting yours can last a couple of days.

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I’m not sure but I think most ( all ?) watches are the same; AOD mode gives “normal” for a short time and then a dim mode. Turn AOD off then the screen is blank or a displays a simple time screen after the “normal” display times out.

And yes the Samsungs have relatively good battery life. If I turn most things off, including AOD, then I am told I could expect 3 to 4 days per charge.

My Active 2 will last 3 days normally with AOD off and heart rate set to “Every 10 Minutes”. My Gear S3 Frontier (same settings) lasts only 2-2½ days which is odd since it has a smaller screen and a bigger battery.

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What I would like is that Always O
n was just that. I know it will use battery but I put my Galaxy S3 on charge every night.

I feel facer watchface designers should be able to make an acceptable ambient mode look. If we aren’t carrying the design into the ambient mode in a way that looks okay while presenting in a way that conserves battery in ambient (always on) mode, this is a weakness of the individual designer.

Always check the ambient mode design (button next to each design, click on the sun image) to see if this looks okay.

Yes totally agree, I have seen some really nice faces i wanted to buy but when I switch to ambient mode it pretty much spoils the effect.
I wish ambient is an option that the buyer can choose to have or not.