Stopped Using... Constant time update

Well, in as much as I liked the idea of what Facer does, when using the watch faces from Facer, ever time I look at my time (don’t use AOD) it always starts with the face default time, and then updates with the current time (every time I check it). Don’t have these issues with other faces. If this get’s corrected, might reinstall again, but for now it is not useable. Gear S3

Hi @paul.stohr! When you’re saying it starts with the “default time”, can you let me know what that is? do you mean that it shows what it was the previous time you looked at your watch? or are you saying it shows some specific time and always the same?

Well I guess saying “default time” may not have been the proper way of explaining it. The issue is that is never displays the correct time right away and has to update, and although it only takes a split second or two to do it, none of my regular watch faces have this issue. I didn’t pay attention to the exact time it first displayed, but noticed it was never correct until it updated.

I have already removed the app from the watch and the phone, so I am currently unable to check to see. I may reinstall later and check it, and will let you know when and if I do.

On my Samsung Gear Sport the time shown (on wakeup) is the initially the time previous shown (last time it was awake). This is replaced by the current time, in 3-4 tenths of a second.

I think this is a recent Tizen update, and is intend to save battery (technical: by suspending unused threads / tasks).

It is recent, but I’m not sure when. It is more likely that they have recently adjusted this behaviour, making it more aggressive and therefore noticeable.

I have noticed this as well, but there have been several times where it doesn’t update at all until the face goes to sleep and I wake it up again. And mine seems to take a few seconds to update.

Gear S3 Frontier - Non-LTE
Facer Ver. 4.6.2_96376-(96376)
Samsung Galaxy S8