Stopwatch help?

Hi, I would like to introduce a stopwatch, but I can’t understand how the code works, for the start and stop.
Can you help me?

Hi @miani67
This for analogic chrono.

  1. Add chrono start stop
  2. Add chrono reset
  3. Insert in “Rotation”

Chronograph Seconds Hand (60 seconds per revolution): (#SWES#*6)
Chronograph Minute Hand (60 minutes per revolution): (#SWEM#*6) FOR 30 MINUTES (#SWEM#*12)
Chronograph Hour Hand (12 Hours per revolution): (#SWEM#/2)
And the explanation is:

The seconds hand multiplies each second by 6 degrees (so 60 seconds = 360 degrees)
The minutes hand multiples each minute by 6 degrees (so 60 minutes = 360 degrees)
The hour hand divides the elapsed min count (not the elapsed hours)by 2 as there are 60 minutes/hour and 30 degrees per hour marker (so 60/30 = 2).

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