Storage of Watch Faces

Where on my Samsung Gear S3 are my watch faces stored or iif not on my watch or phone, then where?

Hello, this is my first post so I hope it’s ‘on-topic’. I also have this question, but in my case I have a Samsung Gear S3 Classic paired to an iPhone SE. I have been using Facer for some time to access desirable watch faces, but recently updated the iPhone App as one was available. When I went to check my downloaded watch faces from the updated Facer App on my phone, I only see the ‘favourites’ that I have identified but not downloaded yet. Those that I originally downloaded and installed and use because I love them, are just not there, however they are still installed on my watch. The issue is that the iPhone versions of both the Samsung Gear App and the Facer App do not allow for watchface back-up… in fact, thanks to Apple, the Samsung App hardly allows anything to be backed-up . Can anyone tell me how I can ‘save’ my existing watch faces, that are no longer available on the Facer website, before I attempt to update any Facer apps or watch Companion apps?