Strange Time And Date Idea

Hi guys this is a very strange way of telling the time and date that i came up with this morning tell me what you think before i go tidying up the code incidentally i have used absolutely no exceptions in creating this its all silly coding


Interesting - it took me a little while to figure it; it is almost bedtime so I’ll blame that :slight_smile:

this is similar in concept to Urwerk Ur-110…
may i ask what graphics software do you use ?

I had never seen that one but yes concept is very similar i use a combination of software most is done with RealWorld Paint some with GIMP and some with Inkscape all free to use packages i do own photoshop pro but i hate it its to awkward to do anything quick with and the effects are messy to get to.

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invest some time in Photoshop you will be surprised how far you will get with some simple online tutorials

Congratulations very interesting!