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Stroke effect on watch offset

Hello to all,

I am trying to get a neon look on a watch face. I use the stroke effect to get it done. In creator, the effect stays in place, whatever time it is. When I sync to my Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the stroke effect goes out of place as soon as the time changes. Is there a way to prevent this?

Yes, correct. The stroke and glow effect does not work well on watches. I gave up on that.

If you want neon effect, you need to do it differently. I have seen faces where people overlay the time several times just a bit bigger font. I cannot tell you how the Pros make numbers glow. To make hands glow, the Pros design a secondary hand with the same effect and the example below.

I have used a neon font called “Neon_Future”.

To make objects glow is a little easier, for example a round object you can overlay if with this circle and give it a color:

GLOW Ring2

So it would look like this (colouring the white shadow turquoise):

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Thanks for your reaction Tom, I wil try different ways than.