Strokes not appearing on Gear S3 Frontier

Hi I have two examples of watch designs that view well in Creator and web interface but do not load on to my Gear S3 Frontier:

Examples are:

I can attest, that they show on Sony Smartwatch 3.

Ps.: You gave same link twice.

Thanks for confirming Mellin.

I’ve noticed that there are other issues with strokes on the Gear S3

the other link was supposed to be: Lazarus Design - Ying Yang - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Cheers, Hayden

Same issue for me on gear s3 as well

In any of samsung products neither stroke nor “glow” works, in my case high or low temperatures don’t work, just current temperature… I guess our friends of facer needs to work about that :smile:

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I have managed to get “Stroke” to work on my Gear S3.

I had a face, with digital time, and the Hour Right Justified, Minute Center Justified, and the Seconds Left Justified.

Stroke showed on the app, and web interface, but on the watch, only the seconds were showing with the stroke.

The only difference, was the font justification. So, I changed all my fonts to Left justified and the stroke now appears on my watch face.

Hope this helps someone (or the Facer team to fix the glitch)

Wow, that’s an odd one! Thanks for the report! We’ll be looking into it asap.

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Are there any news about the strokes on the s3? Very important missing feature.

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Thanks BlueZenGoose. Tried it for the Glow effect, but no luck on my Gear S2.