Stumped on Phone Power Dial

Hey Everyone,
I am currently working on my next watch face and have been battling with a dial formula. I have been trying to figure it out on my own but just can’t get there. I have search the community and found some great pointers but I am still spoofed. I just can’ t figure it out. I have the watch power dial working great.
Ok, Here’s what I am looking to display.
Phone Power. #PBN#.
Full Battery(100%) starting at 120°.
Clockwise Dial.
Battery (0%) at 240°.
THE DIAL ON THE WATCH FACE IS OFF-SET 240°. The pointer is at apprx 4:00 which represents 0°. I have verified the pointer rotates clockwise when I enter +45°s. Confusing I know. I have taken this into account in my formula’s but still can’t get the desired results.
Anyone up for the challenge? Help would be greatly appreciated.

I also saw on one topic that you need to add *3.6 to the tag. i.e. #PBN#*3. Not sure if this needed in the formula. I went both with and without. ???.

Thanks, Scott.

This is what I use. It was posted here in the community a long time ago but I don’t remember who posted it or I would credit them. Just use #PBN# where it says #BLN# below.


1. Firstly you should understand that Facer sees 
the top point of a dial/circle as 0 degrees.

2. Next, you need to work out the angle position of your markers 
for 0% battery level and 100% battery level. In my example above, 
the 0% marker (red) is -90 degrees from the top of the dial and the 
100% marker is +90 degrees from the top of the dial. This means 
in total the hand has to rotate 180 degrees (90 degrees from -90 
to 0, then 90 degrees from 0 to +90)

3. Next, the battery is represented as a percentage, 
which means it has 100 x 1% increments. To work out how far 
the hand has to rotate for each 1%, we divide the total rotation 
amount (180) by 100 which gives us 1.8 degrees (180/100=1.8). 
So, we now know the hand has to rotate 1.8 degrees for each 1% 
increment of the battery level.

4. Now we can put the formula together:

or (-90 + ( #BLN# * 1.8) )(-90+(#BLN#*1.8))

Dial change rotation value to (360-((#BLN#*3.6)-0))  will spin clockwise 
going down in battery %. Change to (360+((#BLN#*3.6)-0)) for
anti-clockwise function.

OK, so I deleted the off-set dial and added a 0° dial to my face gauge. Now 0° is at 12:00. I calculated a formula of (120-((#PBN#*1.8)-0)). Downloaded the updated face changes to my watch. It is point where is should be as per my phone power level now. I’ll see how it sweeps as per power level.
Thanks so much. This is definitely one great community. I will give you an update after a power cycle.
Thank again.


Just as a heads up, the phone battery level does not update as frequently as the watch battery level does. So don’t be surprised if it gets +/- 5%. I believe Facer does it that way because for the watch battery it’s a direct reading, but the phone battery requires the watch face to request that from the phone and do a lot of communicating. It probably saves the watch battery by not checking the phone battery that often.