Subscription not syncing

I purchased a Year subscription through the app using my appIe ID. Now the app needs me to sign in, so I did but I can’t sync my purchase. Says to reach out to support, which I have done. No one is responding and I really need help. Anyone, please.

While you’re waiting, try rebooting your watch and your phone. Double check that you are signed into your account on Facer app on the phone. I don’t know Apple world at all, but these would be the first things to try with WearOS watches.


I will see what I can do. I’m not super familiar with the iWatch yet, and I am relatively new to the iPhone world.

So, I do not have the option to log into the app on my watch. It is connected and the app is on the watch.

Right, so if your watch is connected to the app on your phone that part is good and it’s just that you have to be sure the phone app is logged in.

The problem is that when i subscribed I didn’t need to login, it just used my Apple ID. This last update on my phone needs me to login and the subscription isn’t linking to the login, but when I try to restore it says a subscription already exist for my user but I need to contact support. I have contacted them a few times and haven’t heard from them.