Suggest a face for me (includes criteria)? Thank you

I am very new to this but know what I am looking for and just cannot find it after browsing for quite a while (including searches).
If anyone can suggest any faces that come close to the following it would be much appreciated.

Digital with seconds
Some kind of icon that shows if I have a calendar (google) event today and if possible, what time. Doesn’t have to say what the event is (but it can) - just that I have one today I need to be aware of. (One icon I saw counted down to the time of the event.)
Weather - temp (optional but nice - rain chance and high/low temp)
Watch Battery level
Just the day of the month, no other date info - (If I’m too drunk to remember the month or day of the week I’m too far gone to care…)

Dark and professional theme if possible

That’s it, don’t need a lot of other stuff that would cloud my ability to see the above items. Time and event icon are the two most important of the criteria above.

It’s an Android Wear OS that does synch with my google calendar if that matters. Someone gave me this one but I love this so much I am going to buy a much nicer one soon.

Thanks very much for any suggestions. I do very much appreciate anyone that responds.

If you want calendar data you have to sync a face with wear os complications. Normal Facer faces doesn’t support calendar data. So, it will be a premium one (paid or subscription only). Greetings!

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