Sun/moon dial won't work on watch

hello people! i’m currently testing my design, and my sun/moon dial works perfectly in the creator, but on my watch (samsung active 2), the dial doesn’t turn at sunset (haven’t checked if it turns on sunrise or day). anyone knows what i’m doing wrong?

i enabled inspection.

On my watch the tags you use for sunrise and sunset don’t work, maybe your watch has the same issue.

I use these instead:

thanks!! it actually seemed like it worked in the first place, i just forgot to take into account that sunset and sunrise times are weird in the winter :rofl::rofl: i’m an idiot.
however, have you had problems with the wifi signal not showing? i’ve tried to connect and reconnect to wifi on my watch and phone multiple times, but it’s just completely gone

I’ve never had the wifi tag working on my Fossil watch.

welp, that’s annoying :sweat_smile:

The WiFi tag doesn’t work with my Samsung watches either.