Sunrise and Sunset times?

Hello all, I have designed a watch face using the Samsung designer and having discovered facer have now started on one using the Facer creator tool which looks like it will allow a lot more free expression.
So far I am fine using the tool but recently I have seen a watch face that displays the time of both sun rise and sunset and would like to feature these on my watch face design but I cannot figure this out.

On the watch face in question today it says sunrise was at 5:33 and sunset is due at 20:42, how is this done? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Time of sunrise - 5:50 am

Time of sunset - 8:06 pm


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@lucky.andrei has answered your question but I would like to encourage you to take a look at, and possibly bookmark, Tags site he linked - I use it constantly if I look for a tag for a thing I need, and when I don’t remember them (which happens all the time). It’s a very useful site :slight_smile:

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Here is what I use for sunrise and sunset times which allows for a full 12 hour or 24 hour preference.

Sunrise 12 hour: #WRh#:#WRmZ# - 6:30
Sunrise 24 hour: #WRHZ#:#WRmZ# - 06:30
Sunset 12 hour: #WSh#:#WSmZ# - 7:30
Sunset 24 hour: #WSUNSET24# - 19:30

All you need to do is add an opacity of $#DTIMEFORMAT#==12?160:999$ for 12 hour and $#DTIMEFORMAT#==24?160:999$ for 24 hour and the watch takes care of the rest.


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