Sunrise Countdown Immediately After Sunset

Hello all.

Running into a snag trying to get sunrise countdown to display properly.

Once midnight hits, using the countdown formulas provided in this forum work great.

But before midnight it is using the current day values and not the right time to the future sunrise.

Not sure if this is just the limitation of having all values be for that day but wanted to check here.

For Example:

Sunset today was 7pm
Current time is 10pm
Sunrise tomorrow is 6am

Countdown should show: Time to sunrise 8 hr 0 min

My goal is to show the sunrise countdown as soon as the sun goes down. So I need to add the time remaining in the day to a sunset countdown so when it is after sunset and before midnight it should the proper value.

My current sunrise countdown formula for hr is:

(floor((((#WRH#*60)+#WSm#)-((#DH#*60)+#Dm#))/60) HR ((#WRm#-#Dm#)+60)-((floor(((#WRm#-#Dm#)+60)/60))*60)) MIN

This shows inaccuracies immediate after sunset and before midnight.

Any help is greatly apprecaited!

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Welcome . You should look at the work of this Guy . It is inspectable . He would appreciate a comment .

Excellent! Thank you both!

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