Sunrise/Sunset hands


I’m trying to make 2 hands (1 for sunrise, 1 for sunset) to rotate on the outside ring of the watch face (over the rick marks)

I tired to use #WSUNRISE# & #WSUNSET# but they only work to show digits

Any help on the expression to use is appreciated

Hi mate the only problem i can see is that you will only be able to show the hour and not the mins to show the hour use ((#WRh#/12)*360) that changes the 1-12 hours into rotation for a hand ok.

Or you could use
that will give you the position the hour hand would be in if it was on a clock face at the time of the sunrise

just replace the WRm With WSm and the WRh With WSh For Sunset ok


Thank you @dazstacey, much appreciated…