Sunrise/Sunset testing for different dates

Is it possible to test sunrise/sunset times? I don’t see a slider anywhere. Changing date appears not to affect the times so I’m a bit stuck!


The sunrise and sunset times in Facer Creator are preset at 7:14 am (07:14) and 6:34 pm (18:34) and cannot be changed. Also, when you are testing a watchface the #DISDAYTIME# tag will only function in creator on today’s date. If you set it for yesterday or tomorrow it will not change. Your only true way to test is to finish your watchface and sync it to a watch and make sure the sunrise and sunset function live.


Thanks for that- it explains the problem I was having!


My Friend . I have taken Facer off my watch for now . If you want me to test something DM Me I will put it back on . Please do not have HR on the test I have had enough of that .
BTW if DISDAYTIME is not working for you I have Peters Grunt formulas Stashed somewhere .