[Support] Facer Creator Down?

Is the facer creator experiencing issues right now? I’m having difficulty saving. Seems to freeze. Also the element bar is acting buggy (i.e. not loading, not being able to edit elements).

Thanks for the report! We are investigating and will update this thread asap.

Looks ok for me right now.
Check again.

FYI, we had a temporary issue this morning which should now be indeed resolved. Definitely let us know if you’re still seeing issues!

Probably not a bug, but the watchface images on my profile still lag. I’ve deleted several hoping that would help, but the page is still slow. It was so much better a year go. Have the servers been updated yet (as was mentioned in another topic a few weeks ago)?

I still get the spinning ball of death when trying to save in the editor:

Maybe its just this design. Should I copy and start over?

Nope, didn’t help.

I’m using Win10 and Chrome (Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit))

Checked again this morning and still same issue. Maybe it is just this design?

@eradicator09 can you try just started a fresh new template and saving to see if it happens there too?

Its got to be something corrupt in the current design. I went ahead and started a new design and was able to complete it this morning. I think I’ll just blow this one away and start over.