Support for 24 hour or military time

When adding a Digital Time element none of the style options provide support for 24 hour or military mode.

Are there plans to add that?


When you add the “Digital Time” element, it defaults to 12-hour format. More specifically, it defaults to


From the tags wiki, this is what those two values mean:

  • #DhZ# - Hour in Day (12 hour, leading zero) (01-12)
  • #DmZ# - Minute in Hour (leading zero)

What you want is:

  • #DHZ# - Hour in Day (leading zero) (00-23)

Notice the capital H in the tag name. This makes it 24-hour rather than 12-hour.

To edit your time element (or any other text block), click the rocket ship to the very right of the yellow bar at the bottom and use the following value in the Text section:


Drag the “Time Machine” value left and right. Once it passes noon you’ll notice that the hours value continues to 13 rather than reset to 1.