SUPPORT: Index new faces please

Hey support - it’s me again :smile:

Can you update the search indexing on my new Aileron 2 line please? The watch faces appear in “More designs by John”, but are not LIVE yet and are missing from the main search.


Hi @jmorga106

Updates are made Monday / Tuesday (depends on the time zone) and the feces need to be published by Thursday.

I guess

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That’s interesting @AlemaoBRA , I didn’t know that.
Good to know.

oh wow - ok that’s awesome. thanks @AlemaoBRA


@jmorga106 / @Mellin
If I said something wrong, I’m sorry :wink:

I believe that things have changed, some of my faces have just been released in the store …

I think they are released from Friday to Monday

Yes, my faces went live as well.

Now I understand, on Friday the faces are available, but only on Monday, the home page is updated