[SUPPORT] iPhone + Web Sync

How does the online Facer creation tool sync to a watch? I have an iPhone and a Fossil Explorist watch. The Facer iPhone app and watch apps do not seem to have any login whatsoever, so how would the web tool know where to send the watch?

I have connected the phone app to my watch via the QR code, and I can download other faces from the Facer iOS app with no problem.

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Even if I create a share link, and send it to my iPhone, clicking the link opens the Facer app to an empty screen.

I assume this is because my watch is not published yet, and since the iPhone app cannot log in, I cannot access watches in my user account without authentication.

i was looking for it too. only way that i could know is. to publish it first. then look for ur design that has been published on facer on your ios device. i did it many times now.

Which is rubbish if you want to test a design ‘on watch’! Surely a login on iOS cant be that hard to add?