Switch between sequences on wake

Hello, I’m trying to design a watch face where a different gif is played whenever the watch is awakened. Ideally it would choose randomly from a set of 5 or so sequences, but if it just cycled between those 5 that would do as well. Sorry if this is a duplicate question, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.


Are you using premium?
If so, I think you can store variables (I don’t have premium myself)
If not, you could base the animation on time or something, but it would be tricky

I have not done something like that before but I imagine the following tag might be useful:

#ZWC# Number of watch face activations since synced eg. 26

You could have 5 layers, one for each gif image.

You could set the opacity on each to:

where you replace X by 0 to 4 for the relevant layer.

Now random, hmm …

I imagine the appropriate expression to use would be

wakeRand(min, max)
Random number generator that’s updated every time the watch face goes into active mode
eg. (wakeRand(1, 10))

But I can not think of an elegant way of using it to do what you want. A rather crude way of doing it would be to again have 5 layers and set the opacity of top 4 to


where again you replace X with 1…4 for the relevant layers.

And just set the opacity of the bottom gif layer to 100.

Basically, if their number comes up the relevant top four layer(s) will be visible and overwrite the lower layers. If none of their numbers come up they will be hidden and the bottom layer will be visible.

I can’t think of a better, more elegant way of doing it.

I hope that helps.

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No opacity option for sequences, use X or Y position for the sequence and the random function( expression) @mikeoday gave you. I made that with some of my watch faces. Here is an example:

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