Switching through watch faces using only the watch?


I have the facer app on my s3 frontier with about 5 watch faces synced. I have long held on of my watch faces and it would zoom out and let me pick from all 5 of my faces; however that only worked twice. Every other time now I long hold the watch face it zooms out but to the facer app logo with only options to delete it or share it to a friend. Also shows my other watch faces from samsung store but the 4 other facer watch faces I have are no where to be seen. I can only change them on my phone.

I haven’t paid for any of the premium options that give you 20 watchbox faces on the watch.

Edited: nevermind I figured it out. Triple tapping watch face instead of long holding it zooms out the watch face and shows all the other ones you have downloaded…kinda lame it’s not more obvious that’s what needs to be done.