Sword Hands - Centre Bar - Set 1

See below for the individual PNG files ( separate file per hand ).


For some reason, if I right click on the images below and select save, the minute and second hands are correctly saved as 75x640px images but the hour hands are saved as 75x500px images.

To download the hands at the correct size, hover over the image of the hand you want and the following box will pop up

press the “double arrow” to display the image and then save it in the normal way ( on my PC I right click on it to bring up the option to save ).

This seems to work ok for me - please let me know if there is a problem - all images should be 75x640 pixels in size.

2D White

xxx xxx

3D 01

xxx xxx

3D 02

xxx xxx

3D 03

xxx xxx

3D 04

xxx xxx

3D 05

xxx xxx

3D 05a

xxx xxx

Note: the following 5 groups of hands are semi-transparent.

3D 06

xxx xxx

3D 07

xxx xxx

3D 07a

xxx xxx

3D 08

xxx xxx

3D 09

xxx xxx

Remember, if you want darker hands ( or different coloured hands ) all you have to do is adjust the colour for the hand in the editor. ( see image below )

Please let me know what you think.



Thank you very much for your contribution…

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Wow! Beautiful all of them!

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Thanks @ozarour and @csuporantal, much appreciated. I hope people find them useful.



Nicely made hands! Cool chrome effects.

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Thanks Gauss!

Love these thanks :+1: One problem though, the center point is in the center of the Hands, not on the bottom, so we can’t use them in a Face until we edit them all :slightly_frowning_face:

images in Facer rotate around the center, so these are fine, try them

They’re rotating around the center of the the Hand, like a propellor.If you set them to 3 0’clock they make a cross in the center of the Face, like this -

Now you see the problem? :thinking:

When you download watch resources off of the community page you can not just right click and download. The community pages for some reason cuts off the bottom third especially on hands. You need to right click the image and select open link in new tab (or window) then save the picture from there. I have saved the same minute hand once by just right clicking and saving and the longer one by opening the link in a new tab then saving it. I have colored the background yellow, marked the center and turned them both 90 degrees so it will show correctly in the thread.

Just Right Clicked.

Opened Link in new tab then right clicked and saved.

You’ll notice that the top one’s center point is exactly where your example from Facer Creator is pivoting.

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Awesome, thank you VERY much for this MrAntisocialGuy, I really like these hands :grinning:

Here is a templet that I use when making new hands or repairing hands that I’ve downloaded and have issues. And again you will need to right click and select “Open link in new tab (or window)” and then save the image from there.

You can open this image in the photo editor of your choice then add a clear layer on top of it and copy and paste your hand image on that. Then you can align everything to where it fits good and just delete the bottom layer. (hand pattern) Enjoy!

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Thank you Sir :+1:

mikeoday, thank you very much for sharing all these Hands with us, much appreciated :+1:
I have just created an animated Face using your Blue Sword Hands, and they look great thanks.
Here is my creation for anyone who is interested -
Hungry Grogu Animated Face

Gave you a mention when I used your 3D Rose Gold Sword Hands HERE thank you mikeoday