Sync from phone to watch not possible!


I cant sync my own created watch faces! I dont have the blue button to send them from my phone to the watch!
See screenshot.

Kind regards


I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think you’ll need to contact Facer for help on this one. This is a screen shot of your user page and it shows you have no created watch faces.

I just tested one of my unpublished faces and it is working for me. If yours is an unpublished face or a published face that’s disappeared, @Facer_Official is probably the only one who can help you. Good luck!

Thanks for this information! I hope to get support!!!

I tried to find a support, but I didn`t find!!!???

Maybe you are not logged in at the facer creator with username and password?

Yes, I am always logged in!

Have you tried logging a support request here?
Might take time for Facer to respond though…

You can lodge a support request here: Submit a request – How can we help?

And you can also send an email to:

A couple of things:

Are you sure that you watch is connected to your phone?

Have you checked that notifications are turned on in the Facer App?

With notifications on and the watch connected to the Facer App, you can send faces to you watch from the Facer Creator window - just tap on the watch icon in the bottom right of the Creator window.


Yes I tried! So I will wait…

Thanks for reply


It is not possible to send faces from the crator window to my watch!

When you look at the screenshot above, you see, that I created a lot of faces (34)!

But other members see my account with zero faces:

Ok, not sure what is going on.

Have you “published” any faces?

That is, have you pressed the publish button on the top right of the creator page and filled in the various fields, including accepting the terms?

If not, then if you could do so now with one of your faces I will look to see if I can sync to it as test.

No, I didnt push the publish button, cause some pics are with other people and maybe they dont want to be published!!

If all your faces are unpublished you shouldn’t be able to find them using the app. I do it by having the links to all my unpublished faces on a page on my website that is unlisted. I have the address of the page and use my cellphone’s browser to click the link I want to sync and it opens in my Facer app.

This is a screenshot of a face I’m almost done with and will be publishing in the next few days. I went to it using the method I described just above the picture.

That is right, no other user will be able to see your faces until you publish them.

I can`t sync from the app and also only sometimes from io :wink:
The problem is, that I have no blue button for sync…